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18 September, 2015

Skin Care: Newbies

Gooooood afternoon :*

It seemed to be perfect timing for my Simple skin care products to have run out when I discovered that they were owned by Unilever.  That name may or may not ring any bells as up until recently, it meant nothing to me either but I'm happy to be in the loop now!!  If you haven't heard the most recent scandal involving Unilever read/watch here:

I feel as though, even with there being so many amazing products out there that are environmentally friendly that adhere to a certain standard amongst workers, conditions etc., that it's difficult to know who are the good guys and who are the bad guys.  Just as much so, difficult to suddenly stop using products you've likely been care-free about using throughout most of your life simply due to the immediate go-to association with many of the brands, and the convenience.

Will I stop using each and every one of these brands? Not likely.  Why?  Because I genuinely believe it to be near-impossible to consciously remember and avoid the ridiculously long list of well-known brands owned by this corporation :/  It makes me sad and frustrates me greatly but I'll personally be making a conscious effort to do so, starting with not using Simple anymore.

Instead, I've purchased a few newbies from a newly recommended brand called Yes To (tomato+watermelon line) & a classic, Burt's Bees, that I hope my skin will like just as much, if not more than the products I used before.

With the Simple products, I feel as though my skin's reaction was minimal if even existent in the sense that it didn't necessarily improve its condition, but it also didn't make it worse.  The only product I will truly miss, because I've used for years and swore by, were the makeup wipes :/

So far, I've used the daily pore scrub, cleanser, and moisturiser and I love the way my skin feels after using each of them :)

The scrub available here gives my skin a clean, raw feeling that then transcends to a subtle, softness after using the cleanser (available here), and a rejuvenated, fresh feeling once the moisturiser (available here) has been all soaked up!

I originally thought I bought a toner as well but I had issues ordering it and decided to give Burt's Bee's a go again after not having had used them since my mum bought be their lip balms as a kid :D

My new Burt's Bee's Anti-Blemish Solutions Clarifying Toner with Willow Bark (available here ) arrived today alongside a freebie of their Deep Cleansing Cream with Soap Bark and Camomile.  I can't wait to try them :)

Lina had recommended their cucumber makeup wipes quite highly but I definitely won't be.  Maybe it's because it's for a different skin type than the one I selected for myself, maybe my skin's very sensitive...I don't know...but to put it nicely, that sh*t burned.  I had the overwhelming need to dunk my face into a bucket of icey-cold water kind- of-burning.  Just as a heads up :P  Everyone has different skin and different reactions but even Lina's now said that they occasionally give her a stingy sensation so maybe veer away from them...

Regarding some of the negatives so far, I have two.  I can't tell if something broke or if the packaging on my cleanser is just painfully bad as I've discovered twice, it just laying in my shower, oozing out into the cap and down into the tub, wasting product.  Secondly, I suppose also to do with packaging, I feel like you use a lot of the scrub each time you use it as there's not really any "control" on how much comes out.  I've been using all of the aforementioned products for about three weeks now and I'd say at least a quarter of the daily scrub has already been used up.

I feel like it's too early to tell how and if my skin is reacting to the new products, or...that's at least what I keep telling myself so not to freak out over each blemish that appears.  I'm feeling more and more convinced that it's the pollution and/or water supply here than it is my diet, lifestyle, or previous lack-of skin-care routine...

I will definitely keep you guys posted on how it all goes!!  Fingers crossed there will be positive reviews in the future as my skin does not seemed to be pleased at all to be back in London :(



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