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09 September, 2015

Just Cuz

Lina just managed to sneak in a day with the cousins who arrived from Luxembourg with the lovely Chiara in tow, whom I met last year when I was there for their confirmation, and a few days following, the adorable Tara came to join us as well :)

It's a shame that we don't get to see each other more often but we've all got such busy lives and living in two different countries never really has helped the frequency of meeting up with well, anyone!! So weird to see them growing into young adults...makes me feel extremely old even though there are only 4-5 years difference between us.

I find it difficult to equally balance out spending time with my best friend and badass mother, my friends, and the rest of the fam but we definitely managed to sneak a few card games, serious volleyball tournaments, swim sessions, and goofiness into the schedule ;)

Thanks for this time!



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