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16 September, 2015

In The Arms

And we're back at it!!

I originally thought I was going to be working the day after I landed but I had the day off after all to unpack and gear up again for reality :D  This, of course, entailed a quick trip down to our local pub to see all of the boys and hear about what kind of shenanigans they'd been up to this summer.

Nice to be back in Fulham again and to see some more familiar faces :)  Savoured my day off since I knew full-well that I was going to working like absolute mad leading up to my trip to Turkey and just as much, if not more so, leading up to my beginning to study at night come October.

On that note, it's now half past two in the morning and I've been preparing the last of these posts for you lovelies for nearly five hours now & I think I can hear my bed calling my name!! Might just be my washing machine beeping, reminding me that there's one last load of laundry that needs tending to before everything's finally been washed and dried post-holiday :P

Sweet dreams all :*


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