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14 September, 2015

Hey Soul Sister

Annndddd we're off!! Nearly.

Stopped by to cram in one last sleepover with Polina before heading back to London, marking the end of this Danish holiday.  I'm 100% going to try to go to Denmark earlier next year because everyone's schedules just seemed crazily conflicting this time around and I'm convinced its due to how late I arrived...rather, hoping actually.

Prior to this, I'd seen Po briefly at Green Concert and stolen her away from the chaos of moving out of her flat and preparing for the move to Paris for an impromptu sleepover in Svendborg but that's it!! Was with good reason thereby excited as heck to see her once more before heading back home again...even if it did mean schlepping my severely overweight suitcase uphill for 15 min. to get to her parents' house :D

What did we do?? I can tell you that I somehow managed to smash my beautiful new glass bowl which broke my heart into a trillion pieces and heavily amused Polina, mixed up my flight times (my heart's strength was really tested in those 24 ish hours), attempted to create dishes out of Lactose AND Gluten free products in the household which, let me tell you, was an adventure in itself, and well...the rest is confidential ;)

Can't believe she's made it to Paris and has started her semester abroad at her new university now...they grow up so fast :O  One year left and there's that Engineering degree!! So impeccable proud of you and your continued willpower and strength.  It got you to Paris!!

All the best & oodles of bisous sent your way mon chéri!

Came home to my darling and very much missed boyfriend, my two summer reading prep books for Law school (and so it begins...) and my Certificate for Higher Education for completing my year studying International Relations & Politics at The University of Westminster, some pizza, and, oh yeah, a handmade desk.


Mads had told me during one of our Skype dates that he'd been busy making something for me and although I did have an idea as to what it might be, I was completely taken aback and blown away when I walked into the living room to find my beautiful new desk!!

He built it himself, painted it (bless him), and took the time to add some personal touches that just made my heart melt and definitely worked their way into my tear ducts haha Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe its all mine :D  I don't think there could have been anything more wonderful to come home to than a surprise like that to reassure me that I've got all the support in the world going into this frightening but exciting new period of my life when I start studying Law in October at University of London, Birkbeck.



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