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07 September, 2015

Good For The Soul

Summer means a lot of different things to people.  For me, it's an ever-changing term that I can't help but to associate sun, swimming, tanning, a drink & a smoke here and there (a few if we're being honest), travelling, and endless amounts of good food and good company :)

All I wanted, all I needed.  What made it all even better was my belated 20th. birthday gift!!


It sounds like it basically took since March to track this old-school board game down but I am so, so happy that Mummy, Daddy, & Lina all made the effort and that it paid off cos I'm obsessed with this thing.  Growing older and wiser but as for the whole "maturing" thing...nah!

As busy as my holiday in Denmark was, it was the days with loads of down-time that were the most cherished and memorable.  I only wish there was more but I'm happy that we got some nice weather for the last few days with Lina since it really limits what you can do when it's extensively "drizzling" for 8 hours -__- We tried the beach and ended up running home, freezing our buns off :P  Safer just to stay in the backyard than risk getting Pneumonia :D

Dreaming of next time already!



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