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07 September, 2015

CPH Girls

The day came, as usual, all too soon for goodbyes to be said :/

I feel like it just gets worse and worse as the years go by but especially because we had such little time together this year and there are so many massive changes going on in both of our lives that it was hard to catch-up and process.  Missed her long before she disappeared from sight as she headed up through security and back to the consistent weather of Arizona.

I'd originally hoped to take a few days in Copenhagen but everything just got too hectic and too booked too fast for that to be a possibility so instead, it was just a day spent in the glorious Danish capital.

The more I frequent Copenhagen, the more I fall in love and picture it as being a potential home for the future.  We'll see in time :D

Met up with the most beautiful pregnant woman I know, darling Emma, for what seemed like a continuation of consuming delicious dishes at different places & hearing all about the crazy twists and turns our lives have taken since our paths last crossed.  In love, engaged, planning a wedding, new house, and a new baby on the way?! least I got into Law school :D haha

I couldn't be happier for you and your stunning, burgeoning family, Ems <3 All of the best of luck to you, you beautiful creature; I can't wait to meet your beautiful creature!

Everyone is finally doing their own thing (as they damn well should but we all know, it's not always easy to it) and I just find it so incredible to witness both first and second-hand the changes my friends and I are going through now.

 It's so easy to sit at home, sobbing into a glass of Pinot Noir, staring at a half-finished flat, freaking out about where I am in my life but the more I experience and the more people I talk to, the clearer it all becomes.  Everyone's moving at their own pace, making decisions and goals specific to them and it's so important for us all to focus on ourselves and our lives and progress in a timely fashion that best suits us and what we feel is important at this point in our lives.

For many of us, our friendships have existed anywhere from 3-5 years now and especially with regard to those of us who lived together at boarding school, these milestones really resonate.
The people I knew in my time in Denmark were more like family then they were friends since so many of us were so far away from wherever we called "home" and grew in a unique manner alongside one another so to see everyones lives really begin to start, is amazing.

After a bit of shopping about, I headed off to see another one of my girlfriends, Amara, who was also back in Denmark for summer from New York.  We had a few drinks at a "hole-in-the-wall" cafĂ© in Amager before I took the train home, exhausted after a long day of prancing around the city in good company.

Loads of love and all of best to you both :* Was fantastic to see you!!
Miss you so much Lionel :(  Christmas isn't that far away!!!



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