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21 September, 2015

Caught Up

So there's roughly a month's delay on the whole "chronological order" thing but it's been done!!

Ironic timing really because as my stream of summer-holiday-related posts has come to an end, Mads, myself, and his brother, parents, and niece have all made it safely to Turkey and well, want to move into the hotel :D  So far our last summer-hoorah for the season is off to a great start :)

These past 6 weeks have flown by!!  Been working like a crazy person trying to squeeze in as many hours as I could both before holiday and before I start university and in the process, have managed to become the most anti-social person in the entire city of London...

Apart from a great girls-night-out-gone-wrong, the only remotely, truly social thing I can think of that I've done in the past month and a half (apart from greeting the man who brings me the boat-load of sushi I've been consuming without fail) has been Anthony's "casual" moving-in party to his fabulous new home and a dinner with him, his friend, Mads, and myself at an adorable little Italian place on Munster Road.

Excuse the lack of pictures...but there's no exaggeration in this timeline of events.  If I haven't been working, I've been at home cleaning, doing pre-Law exercises and reading my books, eating, or asleep so my camera-skills are clearly severely out-of-practice!!

I plan to vamp up the level of excitement soon enough, no worries ;) Have already taken a ridiculous amount of pictures that I can't wait to share.  It's not always that I'll be on my computer and my phone is...nearing it's final moment...but be sure to check Instagram for a few updates here and there! xxemkirstinexx

Thanks for bearing with my delayed, inconsistent posting these past weeks <3 You are loved.



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