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26 August, 2015

Two's A Party, Three's A Crowd

Since all of the kids were home at the same time, Mads' parents decided to celebrate both of their birthdays on the same day.

The day started off with the smell of freshly baked buns drifting throughout the house, gently nudging us all out of bed.  We setup the living room for the guests' arrival (or rather, I cleaned the chairs, placed them around the tables, and then proceeded curled up into a ball on the couch in pain, complain about being a woman, and supervised everyone set up the rest) and gave Tove & Ole their prezzies.

Ole received a pair of noise-blocking headphones he could use at work to listen to music cordlessly and Tove was gifted some moola to go out and decide what jewellery she fancied.  I like how neither of her kids dare purchase something, afraid she won't like it, and go for a gif tcard whereas the liquid silver necklace Mads & I gave her for her birthday last year, she still wears proudly ;) Men.

Just as soon as the time came for us to begin to get ready, people started arriving haha This meant that I was running around with my beautiful half-way contoured face greeting the first few guests, still deciding on what to wear before settling on my new cold-shoulder LBD and a pair of black wedges (my lovely romper seemed slightly impractical with it's dodgy zipper, 20 people, and one bathroom :P) and sitting out in the sun, cider in hand.

Nice to see everyone again and catchup on life over one-too many open-sandwiches :D :D God, I missed Danish food!!  Was a lovely day on my account, I can only hope Tove & Ole felt the same (though I've got a good feeling we're in agreement ;) ).

Love you guys, Happy birthday(s) <3

you can barely tell they're brothers :P :D


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