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27 August, 2015

Town Hopping

Thankfully it was one of the more relaxed family birthday parties with the entire house cleaned and back to its original state and all of us in bed before 11 :)  We're not normally the "boring" type but Mads and the gang were off to Djurs Sommerland (an amusement park) bright and early the day following and me, to Svendborg even earlier.

I got some serious déjà vu waiting for my train in the Autumn-like weather conditions, fog rolling in, the crisp morning air, that ungodly hour...took me right back to when I still lived in Denmark and was commuting back and forth for school.  

We'd originally had lunch plans but with the stunning weather, our date had unsurprisingly come down with something and had to cancel.  Bella Italia on the other hand...waits for no man!! No way some crappy "summer" weather was going to get in the way of our traditional feast down at Bella...even though we literally (mkay, I*) sprinted in and out of the car, teeth chattering the entire way home haha

I love everything about this restaurant.  The food, the view, the people, the memories...It was great to pop in and see Salvatore & Co. again and we all had a lovely dinner, even if it meant we were physically unable to move the hours following!!



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