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17 August, 2015

The Cobalt Queen: Lina's High School Graduation Reception

Then came the infamous graduation party!!

Everyone was frightened of the resident chef, Mama dearest, the days leading up to the party but man, was it worth it!! The food was not only beautiful but delicious beyond words and it definitely seemed like everyone enjoyed it!!  Especially Mads :P  No wonder she likes him so much, he always eats heaps of her food and really, is there anything better for you when you've spent days preparing and cooking up all of these delicious luxury dishes?!  I don't think there's more than two pictures of Mads from the entire event without him holding a new plate of food :D Chubby Bunny <3

Lina was a vision in white (as is the Danish tradition) and seemed like she enjoyed her day :)  She got loads of stuff, perfectly coordinated with her colour scheme for her college dorm room and then some extra goodies to prepare for this rapidly approaching, exciting new chapter in her life.  We're all so impeccably proud of everything she's accomplished academically and the beautiful, in and out, young woman she's turned in to throughout these incremental years of development.

Unfortunately not everyone could attend due to clashes in summer holiday schedules and what-not but most of our family, family friends, a few comrades happily showed up to celebrate Caroline and her high school graduation :)

Love you Princess <3  Hope you enjoyed your day!!  There's definitely been coverage living up to that of a Royal event!



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