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02 August, 2015

I Know Where You Live Now

From one sleepover to the next!! The plan was originally just to catch up quickly with Po before I headed back to Svendborg but a couple hours wasn't going to do it for us so I stole her away with me instead.  We enjoyed some homemade pizza and wine, talked about everything under the sun, attempted to explain stocks to my sister, our burgeoning entrepreneur and not without lack of better entertainment, experienced a helicopter rescue in our backyard at 2 o'clock in the morning!

The propellers were so powerful, it felt as if the entire bathroom was shaking!! Of course we were still up anyways (Polina introduced me to the foreign and highly entertaining Tinder) and had just finished showering when we felt this immense vibrating and walked out to the balcony and saw a helicopter flying overhead and little rescue boats zooming around on the water, an ambulances' blue lights shining across the way from the harbour down by the old house.

Stuff like that doesn't happen every day (thankfully) but it was very interesting to watch and experience, especially so close.  Apparently they were looking for a girl who was thought to have jumped off of the bridge but it was all just a rather safe-than-sorry incident.  She'd gotten into a fight with her parents while camping and took a walk to clear her head, stopping to enjoy the view from the bridge.  A car drove by and noticed her standing there, staring over the endless dark water and drove by, hoping that he was wrong in what her intentions might be.  Worried, the driver turned back and she was gone so of course, he called it in.  She'd apparently just gotten picked up by someone and was actually the one to phone the police, enquiring as to whether or not she was the one they were searching for.  So it was :)  It's rare but wonderful that these kinds of events result in a happy ending so hallelujah for that!! Polina can't claim that it was a boring sleepover either :D



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