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12 August, 2015

Grøn Koncert/Green Concert, 2015

What luck.  Lina woke up feeling nauseous, with those terrible pains she gets in her stomach and not long after, I felt similarly.  Thankfully, mine passed but unfortunately, little Lina just couldn't bear it and had to go home before the concert began :(  What a great grad present on my behalf :/  She was a trooper and did her best while the rest of us pre-drank but when your body is telling you something, it's best to listen <3

Mads came directly from his flight from London to Billund and Josie, Louise, Sofie, and eventually Caro and Polina, all met up with us for the concert :D  It was fantastic!! All of the best Danish artists performed (and I continuously proceeded to lose it)--Christoffer & Brandon Beal, Lukas Graham, Medina, LOC... and we danced our asses off!!  Ran into some good friends while we were inside (how that's even possible with so many people, I do not know) and sang our hearts out.   Apart from the hopelessness that was attempting to locate a bathroom & use it in due time, everything else went off without a hitch and I think I can say on behalf of everyone that we had an amazing time and I can't wait for next year!!

The real trouble didn't begin until we were on our way in to town and I suddenly got the most mental stomach pain :/ I can't remember the last time I had it that bad, to the point of tears...Had to call Mads to come and get me and take me back to his parents instead of going out and continuing to party and then taking the train back to Svendborg the next day to help with preparations for Lina's party.

Apart from the issues that arose after the concert, it was an amazing experience and I'm so happy we all managed to go together :)  If only Lina could have joined us and we were all in better health, it would have been a perfect day!!  Here's hoping we can try again next year with better luck.



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