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05 August, 2015

Black, White, & Sass All Over: An OOTD

Good morning from a now sunny again Svendborg :)

Sent Lina off back to Arizona on Monday which was, as per usual, absolutely no fun at all.  Spent the day in Copenhagen and got to see two of my wonderful ladies and am now, as I have been all day, trying to get the pictures off of my camera as they seem to have completely vanished :/

I'm still trying to crank out posts as fast as possible but my days are packed with family &/or friends and I don't want to sit down at my computer when I could be socialising so everything is delayed but hey, still relevant ;)

Here are some pics from dinner and a night out with Lina & Michala!

The girls and I met up after they got their nails done to stuff our bellies full of a shellfish and cream pasta, parma ham & arugula pizza, and some ice cream.

I'd injured my back the day before schlepping a massively packed duffle bag home to my sister (that of course she didn't end up needing) so I didn't originally plan on heading out with these two but they managed to convince a mutual friend of ours to join us as well and I didn't feel all too comfortable letting them loose on the town alone anyways so heels on, and drink on!! The heels weren't even a bad idea, my back managed to line back up into the place, painfree.  I'm such a broken creature :D

It seems that good company means a good night 9/10 and this was no different, even with it having been a Wednesday in our small town.  Maybe the trick is just to match each other every time?? ;)

I wore a black peplum top from Boo Hoo (similar here), maxi skirt from She Inside (similar here), and black wedges from London Rebel/ASOS (available here).

Hope you're all doing well and enjoying your summer holidays :*


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  1. You seem have great time with your friends dear emilie you are so fantastic


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