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06 August, 2015

Best Berry Picker In Town

In preparation for dessert for Lina's up & coming graduation party, Mama, Lina, & myself went to pick some fresh fruit from a family friend's (same one as a few years back, here).

The simplicity, joy, and hard work that goes in to picking, peeling/prepping, and washing the fruit is always worth it in the end and to me, is such a symbol of a Scandinavian summer tradition.

We spent at least four hours singing along to "Bad Blood" on repeat while preparing the gooseberries, red & black current berries, rhubarbs, and cherries :D

Enjoyed a light, summery salad and some bread for dinner before turning in early for bed, fully geared up and ready to go for the long day ahead at Grøn Concert, 2015 in Odense :)




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