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23 July, 2015

You're Timeless

Good day all <3

It seems like we don't do anything except eat, talk, play games, and sit out in the sun! Then again, what more could you ask for during summer??

With the incredibly stressful year that we've had in London and my health constantly going dramatically up and down, my body isn't exactly where I'd love for it to have been but I'm proud of the small changes that I see now that we've banned soda throughout the week, cut down on sweets, and trying to fit in workouts where possible :)  Everyone should be able to feel comfortable enough in their own skin to wear a bikini for summer whether it's in front of family and friends, our out in public.   That in itself is personally a massive achievement for me so if you've got any nasty comments regarding my Mother's, sister's, or my own body (and for anyone else who's feature here on SMITR) keep them to yourself and shame on you!!

I'm taking the time to say this as the last time I posted some shots of myself in a bikini (last year on my holiday to Turkey with Mads and his family) there were some not-so-nice "feedback", shall we say.  Although it was only one person, those comments hit deep, regardless of who you are, what shape your bodies in, and how comfortable you are with yourself and I'm personally disgusted by anyone who takes the time out of their day to write rude, uncalled for, and down-right nasty things about someone else--especially on a topic that does not affect them or their life in the slightest. Why tear each other down when we could support one another instead?! Whether you're a woman, a man, or somewhere in between, you're always going to be your toughest critic on most issues and your body is no different.  If you feel that you are both happy and healthy, be proud of where you're at.

Okay, enough ranting!

It was a pretty chill day (one amongst few so far!) as our original plans to go to Odense Zoo with Helene & the baby got cancelled as the little man came down with a cold and instead, we spent a few hours sorting through the endless supply of moving boxes filled with pieces from our mama's wardrobe that she was willing to part with.  I only took a rough overview of my selections since I think it's better photographed on anyways and in all honesty, I wasn't ready to spend 40 min. photographing the absolutely ridiculous amount of stuff I walked away with!! I think both Lina and I will have to get another suitcase for our respective journeys home :P :D Uh-oh!!

I'll also be getting the history and stories behind the pieces I chose because I know they are rich, and varied and I find it so incredibly cool not just how old but how well-kept, high-quality, and on-trend so many of the pieces are.  We are some lucky girls, Lina and I...our mother has fantastic taste :D

There are many classic pieces--vintage dresses, the brown leather clutch, oversized blazers, trousers etc. and some very unique ones that I can't wait to make roof for in my closet!! Included in these would have to be a floor-length black velvet gown, an original Scottish kilt, a black and white flower-printed jumpsuit with white buttons, a black suede handbag with a golden handle and button, a sequin-embellished coral and orange silk set (featured soon!) Rattlesnake heels, a pair of nude, high-waisted trouser shorts, Mummy's handmade corsets from her time in Hawai back in 86, black velvet bead-embellished glove that go perfectly with a high-neck black embellished shift dress, an oversized zebra-printed African jacket with wooden beads (that I plan on making into a cross-over wrap dress..oo-la-friggin-la), and some cream and olive flower-printed slip dresses that remind me of my Farmor.  FEELING VERY SPOILED!! :D  THANK YOU MAMA!!!!!!!!

Mummy was, as per usual, running around like a headless chicken making homemade organic spiced vinegar, Elderflower juice & shots, crocheting baskets, and somehow made time to whip up Flounder and prawns, mini asparagus, warm yellow baby tomatoes (YUM), and potatoes with Parsley sauce for dinner.

So happy to be back home again and around my loved ones.  Sorry, not sorry if I'm repeating myself.
Feeling blessed and very, very lucky!

Lina's bikini top is available here :)
My bikini top available here and bottoms here



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