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01 July, 2015

VS Summer

Afternoon  :*

Sitting here melting away in my flat trying my best just to get a few simple tasks done...the heat is not exactly motivating, nor is my pounding head.  Been on allergy medication for a few weeks now and at first I noticed a change but now it's all just gone downhill so I wonder if I really am just sick? :/ No time!! Flying out in about a week so I need to be good and healthy to prepare and enjoy for my rapidly approaching, summer vacation!

One more thing to check off my list of things to do (and buy...) before jetting off to Denmark is to hunt down and secure some new bikinis!  Victoria's Secret's Semi-Annual Sale made that pretty darn easy for me.  Doesn't matter how pretty the colours are or how pale/tan I am at the time, I always wind up getting black and white (with the occasional blue) bikinis.

I'm absolutely in love with the both of them and they fit perfectly, which was my main concern having bought them online.  The tribal print one also has reversible bottoms which honestly couldn't be more practical (nor nicer of a surprise....leave it to me to remain completely unaware of said detail until a few hours after their arrival!) for summertime mixing & matching and I love the crazy strings on the bandeau as well as the sexy lace print.

A nice cover-up is always nice incase you want to pop in to a café or store quickly but need a tiny bit more clothing before doing so! I've always been an over-packer so even if it's just a trip to the beach or pool, I usually have  three backup outfits incase something gets wet that shouldn't, it gets a bit chilly, etc. so I've never felt the need for a cover-up with a handbag filled with clothing options with me but this year, something's changed.

The tribal-print bikini is available here, the lace bandeau swimsuit here, and the cover-up here :)
I can't wait to wear all of them!! Even a bikini seems like an excessive clothing choice at the moment haha

Stay cool and don't forget to hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!


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