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14 July, 2015

The Roof Gardens, Kensington

I had only seen and heard wonderful things about Kensington Rooftop Gardens so from the I was invited out for lunch with these two lovely ladies (Olivia & Sabine) I was excited :D

The view is absolutely beautiful and although the food was great, it's not really my taste nor would I say that it's all worth the price it's set at; with the exception of the dessert, it was phenomenal!!  The cocktails were stunningly presented but very difficult to actually drink & enjoy which, in my opinion, kind of defeats the purpose.  Of course, the main reason people come to this venue is to see the breath-taking gardens and what do you think we weren't able to see? The gardens.  

There was apparently a large wedding taking place from the time we had our reservation for and onwards.  I can only imagine how beautiful it must have been but I'll have to admit, I was pretty disappointed that we weren't able to view the gardens, also because I'd brought along by camera, all my makeup, etc. so that we could do a shoot for my black & gold princess-y outfit!! Shame :(  

We all know that I suck at most things hair and makeup related but I am blessed enough to have had my amazing boyfriend do my hair for the day so maybe I'll be so luck another time!  Will definitely be back for a more normal drink and to truly experience the place, hopefully with Mads as I have a feeling it's quite a romantic spot and hey, I need a photographer hahaha

It was fantastic to see and catch up with Sabine since the last time I saw her I was running around her backyard naked with Olivia, swimming in the pool, sneakily eating cookie dough & Lucky Charms while watching The Lizzie McGuire movie.  Now, in all honesty…that could have been 6 months ago haha 15 years have gone by since I saw her back in Arizona when we all still lived there so to be able to meet up with them both in London was pretty surreal!! This woman has not aged a day!! NOT A DAY I TELL YOU.  If it's even possible, I think she looks even better than I remember :O  Olivia's definitely got some killer genes on her side!!

All in all a lovely lunch and I hope to return soon while the weather is still on our side!
Have any of you Londoners (or otherwise) been?  What was/is your take on the place? :)



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