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14 July, 2015

The Roof Gardens, Kensington: An OOTD

Needless to say, I had to compromise massively on this outfit of the day's location!!
Instead of the extravagant gardens at The Roof Gardens in Kensington as a backdrop, I had to settle for some Ivy found on my way for drinks with a few of the lovelies at Bloom after my luncheon with my two German babes (first-world problems).

I love this dress so much that y'all might just see it creeping its way onto SMITR another time or two for another OOTD ;)

I wanted to dress it down a bit (and didn't have much of a choice, really, as I'd injured my achilles heel at work the other day) and therefore chose to pair it with a my Mediterranean-inspired leather strappy flat sandals, my stunning new leather jacket, and the messy French braid Mads lovingly (he pulled my hair so hard I got flashbacks from my ballerina days when my Mum had to get my bob into a high, top-knot donut bun) did for me.

Even with the disappointing change in expected scenery, I love this ensemble & can't wait to shoot something equally as fabulous next time!!

Dress--Similar here
Leather Jacket--Mango
Shoes--Similar here


What is a photo-shoot without some silly shots?! ;)


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