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10 July, 2015

Safe Landing: CPH, 2015

Good morning beauties :*

Touched down safe & sound yesterday evening in Copenhagen and you'd think I was the one who'd flown across the world to get to "good ol' Denmark" considering I've been up since 6:30 am with 5 ish hours of sleep :P

Louis has gotten so big!!! Burst out into tears when I first saw him.  It's pretty crazy, after a year's gone by where I've only just see pictures and an occasional Skype video call to have him right in front of me and so grown-up!  I remember when I was rocking him asleep, singing Ed Sheeran for 3 hours before he'd pass out...oh, baby <3 What's just as crazy is that I think he remembers me!! He was quite timid with the rest of the family, just giving them big-eyed stares but oh my my, he was filled with cheeky little smiles for me the whole way here, and then some :D

Amazing to see everyone again!! Both my beautiful sets of aunties, uncle Henrik, Anders (one of my cousins) and of course, LINAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...not a bad family reunion on our part if you ask me considering the word "planning" didn't exactly fit into any aspect of this trip haha

I had a mere 10 min. wait for my cab (lucky, lucky girl...#tubestrike) and barely 30 min. later I was at the check-in desk in Terminal 5, Heathrow.  Got some money exchanged, popped through security and went to our agreed-upon meeting spot.  I gave up on constantly surveilling the restaurant and barely peeling my eyes from the entrance about an hour and a half after that point and ordered some quick food and headed to the gate.

She flew through Nassau (good guess on my behalf I'd have to say) but it very well could have been Miami or Chicago so trying to figure out if Auntie Helene+baby were delayed was not all too entertaining (why she didn't give me her flight deets beforehand, we do not know haha).

Louie was an absolute rockstar!! He only cried just before landing out of sheer exhaustion and who could blame the little Tyke?! I'm usually in that state as well after a 12 hour flight!! Kept himself very entertained and was in a great mood 95% of the time which made catching up with Auntie Helene a cinch.  When it came around to getting all of our luggage, however...that great mood just meant a lot of chasing hahahah

What a weather shock!! Left clear blue skies, fresh air, and sunshine in London only to be welcomed by chilly, strong winds and dark clouds masking the Danish sky.  WHY. WHY EVEN....

Will see if I can sneak in a yoga routine now before Louie awakes.  The fact that he didn't get to bed until 9 pm yesterday and is still snoozing away is quite impressive!

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