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02 July, 2015

Paisley, Flowers, Lace, Stripes & Shapes, Oh My!!

Here are some of my summer sale finds from Nelly & Boo Hoo!!

I'm not sure when I made the switch from very classic, monotone pieces to suddenly wanting every new piece of mine to have some sort of print on it but I'm liking it!! I can't resist a good playsuit, I really can't.

They're so simple, chic, can be worn casually or done-up for a night out, and give you the ability to show off those legs and try to get a nice colour (mine glow-in-the-dark at the moment).  What's not to love?!

If I could wear dresses & rompers year round, I would :D  My favourite pieces are those that literally just require you to throw them over your head, add a few basic pieces of jewellery, and you look like you're coming straight off the runway!

What are your go-to pieces for summer?? In love with prints this season or would you rather stick to the more classic pieces?



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