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03 July, 2015

New Nudes

These babies arrived right as I was off to work so, of course, I didn't try them on until I was well intoxicated with Anthony, dancing around my living room in my Daisy Dukes to "Conga" last week haha I think I managed to break them in without feeling any pain at all so, well done me I'd say ;)

Normally, I'm not a big fan of the cork bottoms because I think it looks cheap, very easily.  However, with these, it was love at first sight!! The leather-look material, small cutout shapes all around, the way they elegantly lace up at the ankle---the perfect nude wedges for Summer, 2015 :D

They are extremely tall and coming from me, that's saying something!! Much as Mads does love firstly, how happy I get with all of my new purchases, and secondly, how I look in them (hehe), he's not so keen on how tall I end up being when I stand next to him :P

Given the height, they are very easy to walk in and although I've only had them on twice--no blisters, bumps, bruises anywhere as of yet :)  You all know how much I love JustFab at this point (their shoes take up at least 40% of my collection) but I can't stop raving!  In style, comfortable shoes for every taste you could imagine for a can-do price, fast delivery, true-to-size; what is there not to rave about?!

Get the Amalia here now :)



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