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09 July, 2015


That's the last of it...for now ;) hehe Been a very, very naughty girl but I am also nearly helpless when it comes to a kick-ass sale &/or a proper good deal!!

The new black, off-the-shoulder (how.chic.) dress & bright orange stilettos from ASOS and the two pairs of Monsoon & point.  What was I supposed to do? Find Caro a birthday present. CHECK!! Then I somehow ended up on two different websites and 10 min. know how the story ends :D

The absolutely perfect leather jacket & the God-sent blazer (my darling old Zara one has had it rough the past few years...a lot of attention and so much love but it's worn to pieces!) from Mango were planned & budgeted ahead of time haha I don't know where on Earth my leather jacket has gone...not in our old flat, not in our new flat & insurance won't cover anything (English companies drive me mad, not just limited to insurance!)...enter this bad boy!!

Love every single one of my new pieces and it makes me so happy to be able to be in a more secure financial point in my life where I can not only take care of and treat myself now & again, but also the people that I love and care for <3

Which are your favourite pieces?  Here's to a kick-ass summer!!



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