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11 July, 2015


Day number two meant an early rise and off to the local farm, some shopping in the city, and this year's first olden-days Danish ice cream cone :D

Louie absolutely adores anything animal related and can mimic sounds like a parrot (for realsies, thought it was the actual horse neighing but half the time it was him!) so this trip was pretty much a dream come true and a nice lead-up to our scheduled trip to Odense Zoo in the week following.

I'll never tire of the Danish countryside, it is just so simple breath-taking.  I could spend hours wandering around, photographing field after field and flower after flower.  It was such a stunning and well-kept old farm, I could barely keep my finger off the button on my camera!!

Was beautiful and cosy experience, so happy we were all together again and could enjoy one another's company out in the stunning Danish countryside, a mere 15 min. walk away from my aunt Pernille and uncle Henrik's house.

We headed into the centre to browse a bit, do a bit of grocery shopping, and stuff our faces with the delicious creation that is ice cream!



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