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01 August, 2015

Ma'am, Texas, Pitbull, & The Big Baby

We spent the infamous "day-after" slugging around in our range of booty shorts or sweatpants (to each their own) with a constant rotation of bitching about men and consuming a new round of scrumptious food!!  Louise made breakfast burritos, I made two cheese Fettuccine Alfredo for lunch, and then homemaker Louise cooked up some garlic mashed potatoes, pan-cooked mixed veggies, and lemon chicken and a fresh baguette.  We do love our food but it was also a home filled with Americans :D

Lina came a little later on in the day to join us for our girlie sleepover and an attempt at watching scary movies (we made it through one).  The only time any of us actually left Louise's flat was to get food and goodness gracious me oh my it was worth it!!  The girls made so much fun of me and hell, I can't blame them!  My candy bag was heavy enough to kill a man and cost x5 more than any of theirs but it's actually a steal ;) A single, half-filled Haribo bag these days costs an arm and a leg and this one was filled up with all of my favourites and a trillion times the size!  Very.happy.child.

We all crashed surprisingly early and headed off for an early lunch at Froggy's (STRAWBERRY DAIQUIRI'S DONE RIGHT) before heading back to our homes <3

Thanks for a super cosy time ladies and a massive thanks to Louise for hosting us all (as per usual ;)) in her amazing new home.  So happy I finally got to see it!!



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