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29 July, 2015

Into The Future

Mads passed the final test of our relationship's longevity (joking!) with his newly shaven-face being approved by Louie :)  Was going to say...if he did just so happen to make babies cry, the future would suddenly appear a whole lot bleaker than it looked beforehand hahaha

We drove to the zoo with Mama after our night out with Michala due to rescheduling but, all things considered, we all did pretty well!!  It was Mama's first time ever seeing not-so-little Louie so that in itself was fantastic!!

Baby Lou was the biggest fan of the turtles, Piranhas, and the penguins.  Unfortunately they had to head back to Copenhagen a few hours later in order to avoid the Grand Station and make sure their pick-up time coincided with when Auntie Pernille/Uncle Henrik got off work, but it was wonderful trip :)

He was feeling much better (so it appeared), even with a nasty cough in tow, he seemed to really have enjoyed the few hours we squeezed in amongst family and animals alike. He'd clearly really missed Lina and perhaps, had just begun to recognise her again because he kept running up to her and hugging her and blowing her kisses :D  I think he's got a crush because oh damn, some of the looks he was giving her would break a heartbreaker's heart!!

There's not much better in the world than quality time with the family and it's something really special for me to be able to experience Mads and them getting on so well.  I won't even try to hide the fact that he looked pretty damn good pushing that baby stroller :P  What a natural!! Takes my thoughts straight-off to "La-La"/dream land hahah

Lina and Mama head back to Svendborg and we headed home to Mads' parents place for some good food before he was off to Holland for his yearly guy's trip to their "music" festival :D


"Let's get a picture next to the 'Zoo' sign!!"

"I'm here too."

Our beautiful Mama Bear <3 <3

I don't know exactly which part of this picture causes me to love it so much, but I'm pretty sure it was our equal excitement over the penguins :D :D :P


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