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25 July, 2015

In The Daylight

Started off the day early with some beautifying, courtesy of Lionel!! Mummy and I got our eyebrows done by the Master of all things beauty, I cut Lina's hair, and Mummy dyed it.  I don't think I can pull off such a light, nearly white blonde but damn, Lina can!! Shes looked fantastic!

The sisters took another trip to the city afterwards although it's not that either of us are necessarily missing anything! Especially clothing after the massive amount we'd just received from our Mummy but it's so cosy to just walk around and browse, especially when it's good weather!!  There were so many pictures from this day so expect a follow-up post consisting of a mini OOTD from our shopping trip :*

Lina'd swept through H&M with Michala a few days ago so there wasn't anything for her this time around and it's rare that I find anything I think 'I simply must own that!' in there but I managed to get an adorable blue PJ set with anchors on it and two maxi dresses.  One of them with roses and two high leg slits & an open back (I could have bought that entire collection with my obsession with floral prints) and a blue and white bohemian long-sleeved dress with an open back that makes me look like a Queeeeen!

I find it funny, the older I get, the more I begin to see the strong resemblance I bear to my mother that everyone else notices.   Both in my body shape, face, fashion taste, little things I do in my speech pattern and movements haha No wonder I can walk in anywhere and someone recognises me as her daughter.

I met up with Jordan for a quick drink and chat the night before and checked in at their fantastic store (Hype(r)) to say hello to Daddy & brother.  I could spend hours in there find stuff for Mads :D Dangerously good looking clothing!  I found a pair of shoes I didn't think I could resist for the boy so I headed up there again to snatch them up but apparently I wasn't the only one...sold out in his size :(

Headed home and hid away in the bathroom upstairs preparing for ourselves for our night out on the town with Mads and Michala as Mummy continued slaving away in the kitchen making Enchiladas, salsa, and guacamole from scratch.

The upstairs of the house looked like a Tornado had blown through by the time us three girlies were finally ready for the evening's events and we all ended up in head-to-toe black ensembles :P

After shoving copious amounts of heavenly Mexican food into our faces and getting a few group shots/AKA Squad pics (with the ducks, clearly) in, Mads and I raced into the city to attempt to find a store that was still open so that we could purchase drinks for our pre-party at Michala's Father's AMAZING house.  After trying two different places, we were lucky to find one that was still open late.  We've gotten too used to London's opening hours and Mads was working (he's not too good at the whole "holiday" thing either) so he wasn't in Svendborg until 8 pm for dinner.

After somehow managing to swallow a small slice of the strawberry tarts Lina and I purchased as thank you gifts for Mama's food making/a send-off present for our Grandparents (they left the day after for a cruise celebrating our cousin Benjamin's 16th. birthday) we were off to the party!!

A highly entertaining evening, let's put in that way :P :D  I'm not too keen on going out in Svendborg as I haven't ever really been a fan of the majority of people you can't avoid running into but as if I was going to let my baby sister tear through the town on her own!

Pranced around in the empty streets, barefoot, with my durum and Mads in hand as we watched the sun rise :) I love these summer nights/mornings!! It's such a crazy amazing feeling to, at the point in time, feel like you're the only people awake on Earth--the city becomes your playground.

Got home with around 2 hours to spare before we had to be packed and ready to drive to Odense for our rescheduled day at the zoo with Helene & Lou :P  We'd planned our night out in advance so when they cancelled Tuesday, we didn't see much of a point to change any other plans as well and just stuck to it, not expecting them to be able to reschedule.  Fantastic that they did and that baby Louie was feeling a little more on top again so that Mummy could finally meet the resident King in the family but man, we were exhausted!!

Thanks to everyone for such a fantastic day <3



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