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25 July, 2015

Forever Florals: An OOTD

There's not many shots but I love the way the turned out, nonetheless!  This is one of my absolute favourite pieces in my wardrobe because it's can be sexy and casual or elegant and dressed up and requires basically zero styling as it's such a fantastic piece in itself that I'd rather do low-key makeup and accessories, leaving the focus on the dress.

My hair's ended up being quite a lot shorter than desired after snipping off some of the ends before our night out and I'm not sure I'm pleased as it wasn't intentional (but hey, when you forget you have layers and half of it's a different length than the rest...what's a girl to do?).  I really wanted to pair my newly-cut fringe with longer locks, giving each look a more sensual, sexy, bohemian vibe...BUT NO.
I'm not having an awful lot of luck with hair these days, am I?!

On the plus side, my new colour is settling in really well I think :) She said it would soak in and change, especially when exposed to sunlight, and I'm getting more used to it and loving it more and more!  The majority of my friends and family prefer my hair short but I think it's such a hassle at this length and much prefer myself with longer locks.  Which do you think suits me best??

I paired my Forever 21 dress with my simple, white leather sandals, and the usual go-to jewellery from Pandora, Michael Kors, and Nadri :)

"Squad shots" pre-night out coming your way soon so stay tuned for more!



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