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22 July, 2015

Express Checkout

Up early for my dentist appointment and goodie goodie gumdrops, I need a crown :(
The same tooth that I've had done 3? 4? 5? times in the past 8 years.  If it were up to me, they should just yank the darn thing out instead of putting more money into it but apparently, I need it, even with my Wisdom teeth growing in.

Took the chance to enjoy the lovely scenery and the beautiful flowers all around and walked home. With all of her moving about, Mummy's been sorting through her things, deciding what's for storage, the basement, what she'll likely immediately need, and what Lina & I can inherit.  This woman could fully furnish, wardrobes inclusive, 3 decently sized houses man!! haha

I'm still waiting to hear and document the stories behind the pieces that I selected to keep, as pictured below.  Lina and her girlfriend, our little cutie-pie, Michala, had a girlie day out in town while I stayed home and attempted to unpack and get situated but the real party began after we enjoyed a wonderful meal prepared by our resident chef and mama and we played some hardcore rounds of Trivial Pursuit.  We were laughing so hard our abs were getting an unexpected workout when Lina tried to aid me and mama in guessing Chicago Express as an answer and started babbling on about how you can checkout at Target if you have 15 items or less and describe fast methods of public transportation.  We're clearly not in The States enough because we were at a complete loss hahahaha

I guess you had to be there :D :P With our overly-chilled tribal oufits and the laughter echoing throughout the house and out the window, you'd think we'd consumed something special haha Unnecessary!! What simple, beautiful, madness <3



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