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31 July, 2015

Double Booked

The 18th. of July was proof that regardless of how far-ahead you may try to plan, schedule, and book something, you just can't haha  Mads' cousin Tanja, had her graduation party and Caroline had her 20th. birthday party the same evening so what's there to do but spend some time at both and hope that everyone knows you did your best to make everyone happy (story of my summer!!).

It was great to see everyone again and Tanja loved her present from us two so that was the biggest sigh of relief!!  I finally got to meet Trine's (Mads' other cousin & Tanja's sister) new boy and he's absolutely lovely!! They make such a cute couple and ugh, who doesn't love, love?!

I decided to wear one of the stunning dresses I inherited from my Mummy.  This unique, coral embellished number isn't exactly right-up my usual fashion alley but I adore it!!  It matched my new bright orange peep-toes so well, you'd have thought I'd bough them with this exact dress in mind!! Holy hell though...I can't remember the last time I've felt such immense pain.  Not sure if they showed up in the right size or if they just seriously needed to be broken in but I ended up having to walk around barefoot half of the time after insisting, multiple times that, "I'd rather give birth to twins that wear these any longer."  Beautiful? Absolutely!  Worth that pain? Not actually sure about that one.  In the slightest.  And that's coming from someone who's worn heels going on 10 years now (so I suppose it makes sense at this rate :/)

I missed my two girls so much this past half year.  Skype's a fantastic thing and with all of the social media outlets these days, staying in touch has been made easier than ever but sometimes, especially with the things life has wanted to throw at us in these past months, sometimes all you really want/need is a hug from one of your best friends...and the opportunity to get extremely drunk on their sofa while watching friends and eating Mexican food through from Breakfast to late-evening snacks.

We met up with some more beautiful girlies at Café Kræz for drinks and enjoyed the surprisingly decent weather and, of course, each other's company, in celebration of our babygirl Caro <3  I think we sat down and drank for a tad bit too long though because by the time we left for the club, the mood wasn't exactly "hyped".  I've been doing this too long y'all!! 5 years and I may as well just call the whole "party girl" thing a hoax :P  I was right knackered, ready to saw my toes off with anything I could find, and starving by 3 AM so I crashed at Louise's a night earlier than planned :)

These crazy ladies continued on until God knows when and all seemed to have a fantastic night, rearing up for a seriously well-fought-for hangover day/sleepover the following day.

Love y'all and once again, Happy 20th. Caro!!! Welcome to the Land of the Grown Ups ;) (there's no turning back)



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