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18 July, 2015


Good afternoon everyone :)

I realise I've been very sporadic in my posting but it's not because I've forgotten about you lovelies!! I haven't seen my immediate family since New Year's, longer for some other members so I've just been trying to spend as much time with them and out enjoying the beautiful weather (while it lasts) instead of being an anti-social little human, typing away on my computer for hours :P (not that I don't love doing that as well).

I suppose I could post more frequently with pictures here and there but chronological order in my posts is a personal necessity haha

We landed in hurricane-like conditions but thankfully the day after, windy as it was at times, the sun did come out :D  You'd have thought I was the one with crazy 12+ hours of jet-lag considering how early and consistently active throughout the day.  I was up quarter past 6 in the morning, did my 45 min. of yoga, hula-hooped with my auntie's weight hula hoop for 40 min. to my Latin music, danced for another 20...all before 12 pm :D  Lina, Helene, Louie, and myself took advantage of the weather while the rest of the family was at work and took him on a walk around the neighbourhood and up to the pond where there's usually a bunch of Swans and duckies (no such luck).

I took over 200 pictures just from that walk alone!! haha Louie is just so photogenic it's crazy!!  What a pretty baby!! Unfortunately, I won't be able to show you exactly how adorable he is though as Helene's still not keen on there being photographs of baby Lou on the internet, which I can understand :)  This does, however, mean that there won't be as crazy of a stream of photographs depicting our days on Sj√¶lland since 90% of the time, we were with the baby :D  If it looks a bit scattered, that'd be why :P

Took it nice & easy (ha) and just relaxed, watched Wimbeldon, and ate our way through the fridge :D What is summer holiday for otherwise??


the difference, though :P


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