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02 July, 2015

Crème de la Crème


So much to do, so little time!! Happy that it's cooler today because I was pretty much hopeless these past two days.  Sick and with allergies already...then add that crazy, unexpected heat on top of it all and I was, well, a slug :P  Any movement that didn't involve buying ice cream or downing water seemed like it was just all too much haha

Woke up today feeling like a completely different person! Been sleeping with Mads' pillow unbeknownst to me so that's why I've woken up unable to move my head from side-to-side, feeling like I hadn't slept a wink! One less problem!!

Paid some bills, washed and folded some clothes...the things I do on my days off :P
Now I'm going to look for a 20th. birthday present for Caro, wash my makeup brushes, prep a packing list and get going on filling up that suitcase!!  Still have to Skype Helene & sort out where/when we're meeting in Heathrow, arrange exactly how airport pickups will happen, get my nails done with Lily & Mette, and I've got a dinner date with Olivia and her lovely Mummy this Sunday as well. PHEW.  Still a bit to do before I fly out that I've got to squeeze in between my last shifts before vacation :)

Here are some pictures of what I wore to dinner on Sunday with Mads.  We started off with the bread board with olive bread, hummus, and Aubergine dip and some olives and then Mads had the Fish & Chips (fantastic! absolutely fantastic!) and shocker, I had the Chicken Cob Salad :D  We left just after I'd attempted to dye my hair and I think due to the frustrations that arose once I saw the outcome of the colour, I decided to chop off a bit more than previously planned haha

I'm not sure that I'm happy with the fringe but I haven't had one with long hair since I was 11 and wanted to look like Ashley Tisdale from High School Musical hahaha and I feel like my style and face has changed a lot since then so hopefully I can make it work ;)

Unfortunately, I think I'm going to have to bleach my hair or get it professionally done because I've dyed it four times now and it's just this odd light red colour :O  Any tips? Certain brands you'd recommend?

I'm wearing my beautiful Newlook maxi dress, new Just Fab UK wedges, my BCBG clutch, and a cream coloured Pashmina I got from my Mama :)

Enjoy your Thursday :*


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