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21 July, 2015


Our third day back home in our Scandinavian paradise meant that Mads was going to make his was up to Hillerød to finally mee this half of our family...after nearly 2 years together haha Better late than never!! It's a bit hard considering how rarely we've been able to make it back home to visit and well, Helene & Louie live on the other side of the world so we jumped at the chance, even if it only meant a few hours :)

Lina's alarm woke us up crazy early so we fell back asleep but of course we never re-set it so we got up roughly 40 min. before he arrived and still needed to clean and pack  Talk about getting ready in a hurry!

I'd originally told Mads to pretty please shave off his beard to look all nice for the family but just as much so (which I failed to mention) as I've often experienced that many babies aren't too keen on men with beards or in the case of little boys, men in general.  Did he listen?? :P

Louie kept getting this frightened look on his face and then, suddenly, bursting out into tears and screaming for Helene.  IT.WAS.HEARTBREAKING.  What a shame :(  They really could not be around each other at all!! This happened three times in a row and then we just had to give up.  Mads and Lina played with his toy cars instead :P That brought some smiles out, even from baby Lou!

We headed up into the city to check out the flea market and a few of us walked away with a smile on our face and a little more to fill up our suitcases :D  Helene found three adorable pairs of pants for Louie, Lina got a pair of black faux suede overalls, and I got this beautiful glass salad bowl that looks just like the designer one my Mormor has.  It cost practically nothing, especially considering the glass bowl I've had my eye on for our new home in London would have cost around 50 pounds.  Everyone kept making fun of me and how I was going to drag it home but I can't remember the last time I travelled and didn't end up paying overweight anyways!!

We made our way up to get some lunch in the form of the heavenly DURUUUUMSSSS and picked up some fresh Danish strawberries on the way.  The lady was closing up shop for summer so we got the entire box for just 100 kr. :D After picking up some food, we headed towards Frederiksborg
palace and ended up sitting at the bottom of the hill Anders, Andreas (my two cousins), Lina, & I used to roll down every summer as kids :D

It was the first durum I'd had since landing in Denmark and oh sweet mother it was amazing!! We've yet to find a durum that tastes anything remotely similar to the ones you can get in Denmark, in London :(

Attempted to walk off our lunch with a stroll through the castle ground and got in the car just before it started raining!  How lucky!! Louie's not very verbal as of yet so he can't sing along to songs in the way that we might but instead, when he hears music, he starts to open and close his mouth as if he's singing as well :D  When "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae") (what does this even mean?!) came on in the car, he went craaazyyyy hahahaha Was dying of laughter!!

We spent the rest of the day screaming at the television (come on, Fed :( ), decapitating the strawberries and pealing the new, fresh potatoes, entertaining Louie as best we could (he was in a mood, found out two days later that the poor chap was ill :(), and playing Kongespil out in the backyard (I want one for London so badly!!).

The time quickly came for us to make the trip back to Fyn so we said our goodbyes and the crazy road trip began!!  We'd realised earlier that day that at that time last year we were on a road trip as well on our way back from the moving-in party some of our mates had out in the middle of blooming nowhere on Jylland.  How funny! Lina & I use these times to update one another on our music and oh damn, the sing-alongs that take place!!

It's a wonder Mads puts up with us but hey, who doesn't love T-Swizzle's 1989?!?!? Best album I've heard in a long time!! Will go down as one of my absolute favourite albums made. Ever.  So jealous that Lina's going to see her back in The States in August!! Daddy stole my idea of a grad prezzie but there wasn't a point of buying tickets for her Hyde Park performance as we weren't sure she'd have time to stop by in London anyways.  I'm sure it's going to be amazing!!!

Got to Svendborg in good time, safe & sound, had some open sandwiches (you'd think we'd been starved at the rate we were going at it hahaha) and passed.out.  I wish we could have stayed a bit longer but it's so hard to get a dentist appointment during the summer holidays so I grabbed the chance when they offered me an early time the day following our arrival.


my precious "bowl-carrier" :D

these two always have a smile on their face anytime I look :D 


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