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08 July, 2015

Auf Wiedersehen

Olivia and I met up a week ago (I'm trying my best to get these posts done & dusted but there's still a few even if they are a bit "out-dated") for drinks & snack so that we could see each other one more time before she left London for Germany and her holiday in The States and I flew off to Denmark.  We ended up being able to squeeze in some more time for each other along with cool mum, Sabine, before saying our proper goodbyes :)

After some girl talk (and a few cocktails) Mads came out to join us after work to enjoy the crazy heat (hottest day in London this year).  Do you see how odd my hair looks?! A bazaar reddish blonde that's still not quite a Strawberry Blonde tone…hmm.  Enough of that!!

Happy we got to see each other a few times since she's been in London, even though the time has just whizzed by!


P.S. My crazy maxi dress is from the beloved Boo Hoo, available here!


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