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03 June, 2015


Afternoon :)

Was home roughly 2 hours, if even, after the trial and the owner was super sweet, as was the waitress I was working with but the place wasn't as busy as expected so I offered to come back for another trial on Friday!

It's the perfect place--a café/restaurant/bar with outdoor seating, not even a 5 min. walk up the road, I couldn't ask for more!!

I took a look at the menu and could without a doubt, close my eyes, point, choose, and henceforth start salivating until the plate was put in front of me, regardless of what was selected!  Would love to stop by for some evening cocktails and something to nibble on some time this week :)

For those of you who might be interested &/or live in the Fulham area, it's called Bloom

Keep those fingers crossed until after Friday!! Would be so great if I got the job!



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