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23 June, 2015

Sunshine Snaps

Just got off the phone after 2 hours of trying to figure out why 200 pounds was suddenly taken off of my account it when people can't do their blo*dy jobs and it ends up effecting who else? but me.

The money we'd gotten refunded from our heating and electricity from our old address ended up being needed anyways...2 months later? -__- Certainly puts a damper on me getting my first round of payment from my new job today, not to mention summer spending!! haha If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times...I HATE BEING A GROWN-UP.

Positive thoughts...positive thoughts...taking myself back to a few problem-free hours in the sun with a glass of vino in my hand, boyfriend by my side after a day at work, filling my belly with delicious cheese!!  It's becoming my favourite thing to do and place to be haha Gotta fill out my bikini, right??

One more phone call and then I'll whip up some lunch and zone out for a bit before heading off to work.



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