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03 June, 2015

Summer Days Make Me Feel Fine: 2014

Goooooooddd morning beauties :)

Been up nice & early today receive our much-anticipated mattress (and I will not be up early for the days following the arrival of my precious, let me just tell you :P) and to prepare for my trial at the café!! Really hope it goes well!! Summer holiday isn't the most convenient of things when it comes for job-hunting, I'm afraid but I'm willing to work my booty off until I fly out the 9th. of July!!

Tickets are booked and paid for as of yesterday night and I am beyond excited!! I don't need some exotic location, so long as I get to go home!!!!!  Worked out more-than perfectly with both my auntie Helene and Lina's flight plans as well, crazily so!! I'm going to help out with baby Louie and have booked the same flight as my auntie so she can hopefully catch-up on some zzz after a 15 hour flight with him likely keeping her up (though he is already such a good traveller!) and then as they're picked up at the airport by either my other auntie, Pernille, or uncle Henrik, I'll wait for Lina to land and then we'll get picked up :D

We'll spend a few days with the fam in Copenhagen and hopefully see a few of my mates since everyone seems to be in Copenhagen (scooooooreeee!!), before making our way to Fyn :)

Miss everyone like mad but within a month, I can tackle everyone to the ground and smother them in love :D

In anticipation of this rapidly approaching summer holiday, I thought I'd do a post on some of my favourite memories/shots from last summer :)



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