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09 June, 2015

Snuggle Up

Good afternoon beautiful humans <3
How are we all doing?

Unfortunately, it's not allergies :/ Didn't matter how much coffee I drank or how long of a steaming hot shower I took, I was still exhausted and sore.  Must have caught something somewhere :( Slept a lot better last night though and it's not interfering with anything (except my breathing :P) so I guess I'll just have to deal with it and hope that a lot of water, Lucozade, and warm drinks snuggled up on the couch in an uncomfortably large amount of clothing will work their magic so I'll be back to good health soon enough!

Spent a lot of yesterday figuring out the rest of the furnishing for our flat by measuring, re-measuring, and sketching our living room over and over again but I think we've got a good idea now that we have a better idea of how much room we have with the new furniture.  Think we'll do another haul soon :D HEHEHEHE This unashamedly excites me and Mads is definitely onboard with my level of excitement now!  He happily admitted yesterday that he was surprised with exactly how large of an impact it has had on his emotional state and on the feel of the place overall with just a few key pieces...this is why every home should have "a women's touch" ;)

I have a feeling that in my pathetic state, cleaning will take a tad bit longer than usual so I better get started now if I'm going to have time to do anything else today before work :D



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