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19 June, 2015

London Rebel

My perfect summer wedges have arrived!! Got home from work yesterday to change into something that didn't involve a head-to-toe black ensemble and  pants! Lucky for me, these beauties were sitting on my bed waiting for me, 4 days ahead of time :)

They're absolutely perfect! I had a pair that I wore until they were falling apart at every possible angle and have yet to find any elegant, black wedges for summer until falling across these on ASOS.

I wore them for a good 8 hours yesterday and I could have been wearing flat loafs all day long and my feet couldn't feel better! No blisters, sore feet/knees/back, NADA. So this is love...

They look clunkier in pictures then they do on, a welcomed positive turn-of events. I couldn't put them on fast enough :D

Snaps from my relaxing cocktails and din din yesterday at Bloom soon to come :*



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