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23 June, 2015

Less Is More

Hello all :*
How are we doing today??

I tried my best to think "summer" but this was immediate turn-out yesterday when attempting to piece together outfits for my Scandinavian get-away...veeery colourful ;)

Good thing white is forever chic, even more so currently, right?!! I'm trying to back just a few basics because I've got a boat-load of clothing at my grandparents' and Mads' parents' place and have got a lot to bring home on the journey back to London!!

Just missing two last items before I'm completely set for summer vacation!! I ordered two bikinis from Victoria's Secret, a pair of nude wedges, a few simple maxi dresses, some stunning rompers, a black lace bikini cover-up, and a few sale items I just couldn't resist :D

Once all of my newest goodies arrive, I think I'm just as good as packed!! 2 weeks & counting!!

Have a good one chickies!


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