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15 June, 2015

Lazzzy Sundays

Good morning :)
How are you all doing?  Had a good weekend?

I've been up early this morning because I didn't know whether or not I was working today :P Sounds ridiculous but basically, I was on standby yesterday and was never called in and the following week's rota is done on Sundays...see my problem? ;) Of course it didn't occur to me until a good 15 min. before the restaurant was closing and I was in my PJ's, ready for bed, that for all I knew, I could have been booked in to open up the following morning!!

My colleague definitely had a laugh we I turned up this morning since my shift doesn't start until 6 pm today hahaha Well, better safe than sorry!!

Had what feels like a very long and very tiring weekend!! I went out on Saturday but it didn't exactly go as expected or planned (does it ever?).   On the bright side, I was home and sober by 1 AM and had zero hangover on Sunday (can't say the same for Mads though...) :) 

Managed to sneak in a doctor's appointment on Saturday in between shifts as well and they've put me on some special and expensive nasal spray and Antihistamines even though it's not allergies?? So long as it works and it's not Bronchitis as I'd feared, I'm happy!!  

I feel like I have been very fragile lately :P  First the bruise the size of an apple that appeared on my right knee (God knows how I got that?!), then getting sick, and then while shaving I sliced my foot open and it would.not.stop.bleeding. Had to wake up Mads because I didn't want to stain our mattress and couldn't get it to stop :P  Not very lucky these days, am I?!

Like 98% of humans with a stable internet connection, we've also been binge-watching Season 3 of Orange Is The New Black this weekend so until I get some proper photos taken of my outfit from Saturday night, the closest thing to an OOTD I can give you will be my black and white H&M polka dot camisole and my Forever 21 PJ pants :D hehe

Have a good one :*


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