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08 June, 2015

How It Should Be

Good afternoon :*

I thought I'd sleep like a rock after working twice yesterday and setting up+moving all of our new furniture but nope!! Woke up with the biggest kink in my least I hope that's what it is.  Two bloody noses in less than a day, snotty, dry eyes...praying to God that it's allergies and that I haven't caught something because I simply haven't got the time to be sick!

How was your weekend?? Out enjoying the beautiful sunshine-y warmth I hope!

Here are some pictures from our busy Sunday.  I'll eventually give you guys a photographic overview of our new home as well but I want it to actually look like a proper home before sharing.   It's coming along nicely though I think :)

It feels leagues better already and looks great!! Nearly everything that's just been sitting, organised on the floor now has a place :D

So much easier to try and figure out how much room we have and what we want to do with it when it's no longer just all in our heads!

There's still so much to be done but this was a great first round!  Had so much fun assembling everything with Mads once I came back from my first shift at work.  Sun was shining, had a bit of lemonade, and when I was sprawled out on the floor hammering in nails, I was dancing around our very messy living room to Latin music! The people passing by on the double-deckers seemed to have enjoyed that... :P

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