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16 June, 2015

Everlasting Grace

I can't believe I'm going to be back in Denmark, around my fantastic family and friends, in 3 weeks!!!!! I'm so excited but at the same time I wish I could have longer to work.  The original plan was to have a job since May and unfortunately that went sideways but I honestly love my new job :D A great environment and people makes it easy to do so! The lovely weather does as well, I must admit.

I'm off today so I have time to spruce up the flat, run a couple of errands, and stick to that yoga routine of mine! My body is sore everywhere and I've given up on trying to decide whether or not it's because I'm sick or just because I'm on my feet for hours on end :P

I'm so in love with my beautiful new Pandora Everlasting Grace earrings.  They came yesterday and they're just as I'd hoped.  My two old sets of go-to pearl earrings have either disappeared into the land of the unknown or have broken so it's about time I got some new ones.  Wanted to treat myself a little for getting a new job and pearls are so perfect for summer!!

They're difficult to photograph accurately though, even also from their website.  I thought the pearls were surrounded by black crystals but it's a darker silver that indents inwards so the shadows give it a different photographic appearance.  Incredibly lovely, all the same I think! The backs are just as beautiful and elegant as the front.  I'll have to see if they make anything like them next ;)

Available here: Pandora Everlasting Grace Earrings



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