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22 June, 2015


Hello and a good Monday to you all :)

It's been a busy past week so apologies for the lack of updates!! I'm trying to work as much as possible and get things all lined up for summer so I'm not home as much as before nor do I have as much downtime to blog or get OOTD's all beautified and ready for you.  I'm happy to be out and socialising more but I also hope to squeeze in a few photo shoots somehow this week to generate some more posts!

Was reunited with my sweet Lilianne earlier this week which was absolutely fantastic! Missed here like hell :( So happy to see her again after so long and we managed over half a year's worth of catchup in just a few hours (well done us) before she headed off to an early Father's Day dinner.

Did cocktails and noshed on Bloom's ah-mazing cheese board (so good I was literally dreaming about it the days following and treated myself to it again yesterday over some wine with Mads) and Bruschetta while pretending that it was good weather :P Was so caught up in our conversation that the whole 'remembering that I have a camera with me' deal was completely forgotten, unfortunately.

Afterwards Mads and I went to the movies to see the new Jurassic movie (effects were amazing but I'm such a critic when it comes to movies, actor choices, etc.) and had an early night since I had work the next morning.  Next time, I'm choosing the movie!! MINIONS, HERE I COME :D

Off to do a bit more packing prep for Denmark (I love beginning ahead of's a treat to me!) and grab a bite to eat :*

Have a good one and a belated Happy Father's Day to all of you hard-working, loving, fabulous Dads out there!


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