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28 May, 2015

Caroline's High School Graduation: 2015

Afternoon everyone :)

There aren't many that aren't Skype-related but here are all the pictures I've received with regard to Lina's high school graduation!!!  

I can't use the word "proud" enough with this little lady.  All the best is yet to come, no question.  So happy that I got to Skype her to catch up on life and give my little speech before she headed off to the ceremony and I'm even happier that we'll be seeing each other in about a month!!!!! EEEKKKKK :D Managed to purchase concert tickets but have yet to actually book my flight...should probably get on that pretty soon hehe

She looked absolutely beautiful! She wore the dress I gave her during Christmas holidays last year underneath her gown (trying to semi-stick to Danish traditions as well with a white dress) got her hair all diiiiddd with Mama earlier on, and honest to goodness looked like a mini Elle Woods :D  I thought I kept it together pretty well, all things considered, but when the cap and gown came out...I lost it hahah AHHHHHH SO PROUD.  Leave it my sister to not just graduate but to sweep up all the awards like Taylor Swift on Grammy night!! PROUD. PROUD. PROUD.

Congratulations to all of you amazing graduates of the Tesseract Class of 2015!! Well done on you!!

Loads of love,


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