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01 June, 2015

Bloody Mary

More quality-time (drinks and football in the eyes of men) and farewells were in store this weekend with a line-up of events.  Just in time to recover from one, we'd be preparing ourselves for the next! I'm getting too old for this...

Two of the boys have officially been shipped off on their next adventures today so London just got a lot less crazy :(

Was feeling adventurous (hahahaha) and decided to get three new rolls the other day when ordering some sushi for our cosy couch day (complete with The Kim Possible movie).  One of which has to have been the most delectable thing I've ever put in my mouth!! Still dreaming of that creamy, avocado and grilled Tuna Uramaki Crunch!! If you haven't tried it before,  My only regret was that we didn't order more of it!

If there's one thing that's slightly more exciting than our sushi delivery it'd be that we finally have ordered furniture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was nearly crying with excitement whereas Mads is sitting in the corner with his imaginary flag going "yay" haha The differentiation in priorities between men and women ;)

Our mattress is arriving on the third (about damn time) and then my dresser/boudoir, Mads' dresser, new sheets, some tea lights and long candles, silver candle holders, a new mirror, and our living room table will be coming by the 7th. of JUNE. WHAT?!?!?!? This year has mind-warped me.  I'm still convinced Spring has just sprung and that we're finishing up April and that Summer 2015 hasn't already arrived (not complaining)!!

This place was very much in need of a deep clean after this past weekend (you don't even want to imagine what it looked like after three intoxicated boys crashed here) so I'm now officially exhausted! Have a trial for a new job at a cute little café here in Fulham on Wednesday (excited!!!) so tomorrow will be packed full!

Trench coat, dress, and silver heels are all from ASOS, pashmina bought in Turkey last year, bag is vintage Burberry, earrings from Forever 21, and bracelet from Pandora :*

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