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30 June, 2015

Always Red

Good afternoon lovely humans!!

Long time, no speak!!  I finally have a life again!! :D It's fantastic in every possible way even though it means my weekly flat cleaning drops to the bottom of the list and Mads and I see each other for a collective 3 hours weekly until Sunday rolls around :(

Been working my booty off (hopefully not though, grow, honey, grow!) and seeing old and new friends all over town, doing quite a bit of online shopping (summer sales...enough said) that I'll be sharing with you all very soon as well.  Time's just flown by!  I remember freaking out 6 weeks before I was supposed leave for Denmark and as of today? 10 DAYS AND COUNTING. OH MY GOODNESS.  I AM SO EXCITED!!!

Met up with Mette (see what I did there? ;)) after work last Thursday at, where else, but Bloom, so that she could see my new work place and enjoy the cheese board and vino as much as me :D  Much needed catchup on all things life has to throw at us (including the outcome of the Danish election...what...the...............) since the last time we saw one another was at my birthday dinner back in March!!  Must have missed each other more than we knew because after we'd kicked back a few glasses, hung out with my new bestie, Anthony, and the boy, we all headed to Marylebone for dinner at this wonderful Thai restaurant for a proper night out on the town.  I don't think I've been in Central since exams in May since Fulham has turned out to be everything I could have wanted and more <3 Was nice to experience the city in a different way as out here, you don't feel the city as heavily as you do when you're smack in the middle of it!

I don't think I've ever properly tried Thai before in my life (I can't believe it either) and it was AMAZING.  I was so caught up in in-depth conversations with different people that I was struggling to sneak in a few bites here and there haha I had salmon with coconut rice (new favourite!) for my main and we all shared a bunch of different starters where the chicken wings left me in a trance (and still a week thereafter!).

5 bottles of wine later we all headed off to a bar near Piccadilly's Circus for a nightcap...or three...and headed to our respective homes to get up bright and early the next day for work :D :P

My new favourite piece of clothing arrived just in time for me to slip into it after getting off work. Playsuit is from Boo Hoo and it fits like a glove!! Minus the dodgy buttons I must say...entertaining, but not exactly practical :P Happy I ended up buying it as I was on the edge as to how I'd look in horizontal stripes since I'm a curvy little midget for lack of better wording.  What do you think??

On Friday after attempting to recover from the evening prior I met up with Sofie, whom I went to school with in Denmark, for a quick glass of champagne after showing her our new home :)  I haven't seen her since we graduated (at least it's not just me who sucks at frequently meeting up with other humans!) with very little time to spare so we were chatting away at record-breaking speed haha  Was nice to hear the opinion someone who's already mid-way through studying Law and bless her, she brought be one of her textbooks <3 Light summer reading, anyone?

Met up with Anthony, his flatmate Dylan, and the Fulham-famous Henri for dinner and drinks at the café where Mads joined us for a quick drink before heading off to another goodbye party.  Little Henri's apparently got the new habit of sucking on the inner part of your arm when you hold him hahaha He makes the funniest faces while doing so as well which makes it x10 cuter <3 Could cuddle this little boy for hours on end!!

Will have to pretend he's mine since it's not looking like there will be any time for us to get a pup after all :(  As heartbreaking as the news is, I think it's for the best.  I'll be studying at night and working full time and Mads doesn't get home from work until around 6:30 so the poor thing would just be at home alone most of the time which just isn't fair to him/her. Hopefully sometime in the near future!!

I'd planned on an early night in with my first double shift the day following buuuuutttt it ended up with Anthony & I practicing our American accents together in my living room while noshing on chips, sweets, and nuts in the candlelight and dancing around to Latin music until 2 AM :D :P As you do...

Missed you guys!! Hope you've had a good past week & that the summer, wherever you may be, is treating you nicely :*

Loads of love and loads more to come,
xoxo Em

us practicing our model/blogger posed laughter....

v.s. real laughter hahahah


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