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14 May, 2015


All that hardcore studying in the shower, sleepless nights, early mornings, and my main source of communication being the mumbling of notecard definitions has come to an end! My last exam was on Monday just in time for Mads to come back from his trip.  It went really well, good for him to be back home even if it was for a little while but great to have him back as well.  The place felt so empty without him!!

The past few days have been dedicated to my painting project :D Took off the labels off of the wine bottles I'd been saving and painted them along with some Mason-like jars, flower vases, and empty mini Marmalade jars and I'm so happy with the turn-out!! Took me nearly three days since they required a few coats of paint and my perfectionism and OCD went over-the-top with everything down to the visible brush strokes :P Sanded them down so they're more even and I've come to accept the fact that the few remaining imperfections are all-but impossible to get rid of and are what give them that homey feel :)

Walked to The Ship in Wandsworth with Mads yesterday to meet up for some drinks with a couple of the guys and my girlfriend, Olivia, whom I used to know back when we lived in Arizona.  Crazy to see her again seeing as it's been nearly 10 years since our last encounter, if not more! Was such a beautiful walk down there even though it took double the time haha We chose to scenic route and walked along the Thames and through Wandsworth Park since it was such fantastic weather!  Nice and warm, sun setting, beer in hand...I can feel summer poking its head around the corner :D

Oli slept over and we touched-up the flat's walls today with some paint while jamming out to some music and nursing our slight hangovers with bruschetta, pizza, and Cadbury's mini chocolate rolls!! Yum! Yum! Yum!

Hope you've had a good week all <3

Loads of love,


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