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05 May, 2015


Hey hey hey :)

I'm so tired today, don't even consciously know why but I just wanna go back to bed and snooze away the day!!  When I did my lovely hour of yoga my breathing techniques kept getting messed up by a stream of yawns :D

Guess it's stress.  Once exams are over, we've sorted out finances after the move, and I know 100% that I have a new job, I hope it'll die down again...if that's even possible with me.  Some of it's probably also leftover from yesterday where I cleaned and re-organised the flat from top-to-bottom.  Until we have all the furniture we need I feel like this pattern is bound to continue!! Every single time I've cleaned the place (WHYYYY DO SMALL PLACES GET SO DIRTY SO QUICKLY?!) I end up re-packing and moving stuff so that we have more room and a better sense
of where we can and want to put things.

I'm so tired I'm analysing my tiredness...

Ventured out into windy Fulham to finally have a look at the contents of some furniture stores I've peeked into while walking by these past few weeks and while the store I'd originally had in mind didn't have a single thing of interest or use, a much more "dangerous" choice did.  Of course the price range is wildly different :D Mama raised me to have good taste which unfortunately often means expensive.

Fell in love with the metallic sculpture below but if I suddenly had enough to afford it, I could also afford a brand new Louis Vuitton (hard to guess which way that'd swing) :P  Going to see if it's something me or perhaps my Mama could make on our own.  Wouldn't be the exact same but it also wouldn't cost me the equivalent of a month's rent, give or take a few hundred pounds :D  Love the table below if the one I've already got planned to make doesn't work out but I'm back-and-forthing with the mirrored table and whether or not it's too modern.

Going to finish this last chapter of "Stifled Innocence" before finally sending it off to Alana so she can have a look through my edits and start on the last bit of it...exciting!

Sorted through my notecards for IR and organised them in order of what to study first so now I just have to memorise them within the next 3 days before moving on to the 200 some I have from Political Theory :(

While I'm studying away and hoping to hear some good news on the nannying job, Mads will be off relaxing in Denmark for the weekend.  Wish I could join him but I'm happy that he gets to go home and have some time off around friends and family.  He's working so hard constantly and is just exhausted so some down-time surrounded with familiarity and comfort food ought to help re-charge :D Summer soon!!!

Before he leaves I want to try and sneak in a few outfit photo shoots for you guys so stay tuned ;) Once the weathers nice and more stable again, I think we'll adventure around a bit, maybe snap a few fashion shots as well.



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