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03 May, 2015


Goooooooddd afternoon everyone :)

The horror of not having a computer charger dragged out longer than what was good for my mental state but thankfully now that's been sorted.  We were supposed to have had our internet all ready-to-go by the 1st. so of course that's not functional during a long weekend -___-

Another month closer to summer!! Can't believe we're in May...I know I keep saying it but it genuinely shocks me every time another month flies by when it barely feels like 2 weeks have gone.

It's been a very mixed week filled with the most amazing news and then quite a few speed bumps... but hey, life goes on either way and it's up to us to move with it!

Saturday was spent sleeping, eating sushi and sweets, and receiving my Sonia Sotomayor book in the post as a surprise gift from Daddy :)  Needed to let loose after two exams so we were recovering most of yesterday from Friday night-out with the boys! I think the last two exams went quite well so let's home I'm right and that it continues for the final two!

Going to attempt to get this internet sorted before researching my new university a bit more, cleaning the flat and doing some laundry, editing my book, and maybe checking a furniture shop or two I've had my eye on in the area ;)

Have a lovely Sunday!



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