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18 May, 2015


Evening all!

Had a pretty laid-back weekend that somehow still managed to wear me completely out!! So much stuff is going to be happening so soon so I'm trying to bask in the down-time but I'm too anxious to be able to do so...would rather have the usual stress and chaos my life seems to attract :D

Biggest hi-light was, hands down, the news I received from my soon-to-be graduate little sister, Lina. We all already knew she was a rockstar but now she's an entrepreneur as well!!

After interning at a company called SEED SPOT she, along with a few group members, have come up with the most brilliant idea/product that's received on-the-spot investments (5 grand ain't bad, right? ;) ) as well as people already taking interested in purchasing percentages in the product.

It's flown through two rounds, taking her and her group further to the SEED SPOT Demo Day tomorrow where they'll get to pitch their idea in front of 900 people many of whom are investors, mentors, marketers etc. They've just got another grand in their pockets as well as office space at SEED SPOT...I am so blown-away and in awe of what this little nugget manages to do with the few hours we have in the day :D I AM SO PROUD. AHHHHHHHHHH ITS CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!

The venture is called BrailleBoard which is, in her words, "A braille keyboard attached to a flip-open, protective smartphone case that syncs with the smartphone via Bluetooth.  Each key will contain a specific braille character to provide functionality for the blind.  Additionally, each key background will be white with large print navy letters, a research-based colour scheme for the visually impaired. This will allow all users to utilize the keyboard based on their unique needs, but accomplish the same goal of being able to text and email."

You can follow them on Twitter: @thebrailleboard and the lovely Caroline is finally on Twitter as well and call be followed here: @c_mbfa .  The websites up-and-running as well now so head on over and check out this brilliant new idea :)

I've always heard sibling competition is healthy but I've clearly got one heck of a competitor!! Blessed and so incredibly proud of that.  Time for me to get my arse in gear!! This year's been a struggle, "a fight for your existence" as my Mum so eloquently put it haha Although I cannot deny that fact, I can't wait to finally be able to move forward and start living life the way I want to and had planned :D

Starting with our amazing King-sized Well Pur mattress being ordered today and the bed frame will hopefully follow soon.  My body can't tolerate our cute little pink pull-out mattresses anymore but we wanted to invest in a proper good mattress that, simultaneously, wouldn't run us a couple grand.  My mum has hers from this brand and can't exist without it :P The few times I've tried it, I've fallen in love.  Some of the best nights sleep I've ever had and I'm definitely missing them now!!


Hope you've all had a good start to the week :) Going watch a movie with my love and dig into this delish-looking burger!



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